Garage & Loft Conversions

Garage and loft conversions can deliver additional home space at relatively low cost

Of course the devil is in the detail, along with good planning. Whether you want to undertake a garage or loft conversion to create a family room, add a bedroom, install a home office or enlarge a kitchen, we offer a completely free, no obligation consultation to talk through your plans, at whatever level they are at.

Our experience and expertise in garage and loft conversions ensures we always ask some crucial questions before you need to embark on any major expense, such as:

How will you make the most of any natural light? By marking the position of the sun throughout the day on any sketch or plan, we can easily identify the best location for windows and doors. This, in turn, will influence the position of interior walls and help identify a vision of how the space will look from the inside and what it will look out towards externally.

How will you locate any furniture in the space? On a sketch, or draft plan, draw the furniture you intend to use. Include both freestanding and built in furniture and fittings and, once finalised, does the ‘fully furnished’ space still provide you with the room you need? It is far easier to enlarge any new space at this planning stage rather than later in the project.

How will you make sure you build on a solid foundation? The foundation is crucial for the overall quality and lasting value of your property. We can explain all the options in detail, such as placing additional supports in loft areas, developing a crawl space or excavating a full foundation.

How will you determine plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation needs? They might seem “invisible” elements but they make up a surprisingly large portion of the work and budget, particularly when kitchens and bathrooms are involved. By undertaking a thorough inspection, we can determine what your project requires and exactly what modifications or upgrades to existing systems are needed.

How will you make sure you meet all building regulations? Failure to comply with building regulations, whether it relates to height restrictions, percentage of windows to wall area and even location of doors, can be expensive to remedy and can even lead to the additional building work being removed. As professional contractors, we can provide you with the information required to ensure all our work complies with current building controls and regulations and is approved.