General Building & Renovations

Our core business of general building and renovations means your home can always change as your life does

General building and renovations, when designed and constructed professionally, can ensure that as you and your family move through different life stages, your home can be tailored to meet your changing needs.

A home for young families is characterised by large, open plan areas and the convenience of extra bathrooms. As children mature, privacy becomes more important so separated living areas and larger bedrooms become desirable. As homeowners age, more practical issues such as accessibility become important, which make it easy to carry on day-to-day activities.

Here at Greenform, we specialise in this “renovating for life” concept and our experienced team can offer practical advice and ideas to make your home more flexible and adaptable to changing needs, while increasing its comfort, convenience and safety.

Our Flexi Housing concept, utilising ideas such as non-load bearing moveable or removable walls, provides a more forward-thinking approach to building and renovating that is adaptable, accessible and affordable.